The AGRIDEA Association

AGRIDEA – Swiss Association for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas – founded in 1958, supports men and women committed to a better quality of life in the rural areas.

Members of AGRIDEA

The members are represented by some forty organisations active in agriculture or the rural areas, including:

  • the cantons,
  • the Principality of Liechtenstein,
  • and other member groups.

Centre for the extension of agriculture

The AGRIDEA centre for the  agricultural extension is active on the national level at three sites, in Lindau, Lausanne and Cadenazzo. Staff of about 150, from various professional backgrounds work together for the development of agriculture and the rural areas.


AGRIDEA is funded by:

  • A service mandate from the Federal Office for Agriculture,
  • The sale of products and services,
  • Specific mandates and missions entrusted by public bodies or third parties,  
  • Member fees.

Our members benefit from a Initiates file downloadpreferential price on products and services.

Useful links

Information on the Thematic domains and AGRIDEA services and products under "Courses", "Publications", "Software", or in the portfolio under "Supporting projects" and "Networks and platforms".