The centre for Agricultural Advisory and Extension Services

AGRIDEA promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience between people working in agricultural extension and advisory services, research, practice, administration or policy in various thematic domains. The cantons and some 40 organisations active in agriculture and the rural areas are members of the AGRIDEA association.

Partner in the knowledge system

AGRIDEA is an integral part of the Initiates file downloadsystem of agricultural knowledge.

With its partners, it focuses on offering and maintaining a sustainable future for agriculture and rural areas.

Network – national and international

On the national level, AGRIDEA represents the link between science and farming. It is the preferred partner in working groups or projects in which various participants exchange their experiences and wish to achieve common goals.
Both on the European and global levels, AGRIDEA has developed a broad network of links with agricultural training bodies or actors involved in agricultural policy. AGRIDEA international.

A varied offer of services

AGRIDEA develops specialised knowledge. It assimilates and disseminates the experiences and needs drawn from practice.

These services correspond to:

  • Development and acquisition of new methods for extension and further training; facilitation as a key skill.
  • Basic and advanced training of extension specialists and other "multipliers".
  • Flow of knowledge adapted to practice and available in publications and software.
  • Support for innovative projects and extension services on site.
  • Coordination of networks, and the encouragement of collaboration between all stakeholders in the system of agricultural knowledge.

 Information on the Thematic domains and AGRIDEA services and products under "Courses", "Publications", "Software", or in the portfolio under "Supporting projects" and "Networks and platforms".