AGRIDEA’s strategy aims to highlight its key role in the Swiss agricultural knowledge system and rural areas, in which it also wishes in future to:

  • contribute to sustainable, productive and recognised agriculture,
  • develop collaboration with the partners in the knowledge system,
  • act successfully as a reactive extension and advisory services centre.


AGRIDEA is committed to efficient and sustainable agriculture as well as to dynamic rural areas. It also contributes to the production of high quality food and the creation of high value livelihoods.


AGRIDEA is the skills centre for the preparation, exchange and dissemination of knowledge and know-how drawn from practice and research. It forges links between stakeholders in agriculture and rural areas.


The service agreement attributed by the Federal Office for Agriculture covers about half of AGRIDEA’s funding. It enables AGRIDEA to develop its research, in particular for the cantons, their specialised staff and departments, as well as for organisations of agriculture and rural areas. In addition, AGRIDEA carries out mandates for other private or public institutions.

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