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AGRIDEA’s collaborators set joint objectives, take decisions, perform efficiently and thus contribute to the success of the centre.

AGRIDEA as an employer

AGRIDEA offers its staff great scope and margin of action so that they can flourish. Their activity is therefore fulfilling, enriching and attractive. Cooperation, teamwork and the exchange of knowledge have great importance.

Attractive employer

AGRIDEA’s personnel policy is based on the fact that people like to feel free and can take initiatives. Members of staff decide where, when and how they work for AGRIDEA. Each of them assumes responsibility for the re-sults. He or she obtains, and contributes to the success of the centre. AGRIDEA favours working methods and technologies that serve the objectives to be achieved by the centre but which also take into account the em-ployees’ quality of work and quality of life.
Their managers have confidence in the collaborators and create an environment conducive to the success of all members of staff.