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i2connect is an H2020 funded project that supports interactive innovation processes in European agriculture and forestry


Innovation and innovative processes have always been part of advisory work. In the past it was focused on new production techniques, the introduction of research results and more and more on methods to lower the production costs and to optimize subsidies.
Today it is accepted, that knowledge is also gained by practitioners from their own work,  from experiences in groups and their raising knowledge from different information channels. The group of stakeholders has been extended by representatives of value chains, consumers, NGO’s and research people.
This offers new perspectives for advisors. The role of knowledge transfer nowadays is extended to the role of a facilitator. And tomorrow more and more advisors are needed to support multi-actor innovation processes. In the past innovation processes were the product of hazards and intuition.
The trainings for innovation support agents, offered by the i2connect project, will focus on their role in multi-actor innovation processes.

Project objectives

The i2connect project aims to fuel the competencies of advisors who will support and facilitate interactive innovation processes responding to multiple challenges in European agriculture and forestry. This facilitation requires awareness, new tools and methods, motivational and organisational approaches for advisors. The strategy in i2connect is to use the existing advisor networks and the experiences of success in different contexts to create a broader network and momentum of change enabling a new culture of bottom up led innovation support. This resource of over 40,000 advisors are critical actors supporting agriculture and forestry on the ground and must be influenced in this project to support interactively innovation with particular emphasis on EIP 2020 target of 3,500 operational groups and beyond.

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Project lifetime

5 years


Total i2connect for 5 years: 5 millions Euros
AGRIDEA part for 5 years : 300 000 Euros


i2connect brings together 32 organisations, most of them directly involved in stimulating innovation in rural areas and food systems in all corners of Europe. The major associations of rural advisory services are partners. In the consortium 22 languages are spoken.

  1. APCA (coordination) advisory service (public)_ France
  2. AUA university_ Greece
  3. ILVO applied research institute_ Belgium
  4. NAAS advisory service (public)_ Bulgaria
  5. EUFRAS association of advisory services Europe_ Latvia
  6. FiBL-EU applied research institute Europe_Belgium
  7. FiBL-CH applied research institute _ Switzerland
  8. IALB network of advisors and advisory services Europe _ Germany
  9. FüAk advisory service (public)_ Germany
  10. LKÖ advisory service (public) _ Austria
  11. SEASN association of advisory services South East Europe _ Croatia
  12. CAFAS advisory service (semi-public) _ Croatia
  13. KGZS advisory service (public) _ Slovenia
  14. ProAgria advisory service (public)_ Finland
  15. ACTA applied research institute France
  16. IDELE applied research institute France
  17. UHOH university _ Germany
  18. NAK advisory service (semi-public) _ Hungary
  19. CIRCASME _ Ireland
  20. TEAGASC advisory service (public) _ Ireland
  21. CREA research institute _ Italy
  22. LLKC advisory service (public)_ Latvia
  23. LAAS advisory service (public)_ Lithuania
  24. CDR advisory service (public)_ Poland
  25. CONSULAI advisory service (private) _ Portugal
  26. MAPAMA public authorities _ Spain
  27. INTIA advisory service (public) _ Spain
  28. DARP public authorities _ Spain
  29. ZLTO farmers' organisation _ the Netherlands
  30. WR research institute _ the Netherlands
  31. SZE University _ Hungary

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Persons in charge

Gwénaëlle Fontaine
Niels Rump

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