Protection of herds

AGRIDEA was mandated by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) to coordinate the protection of the herds in Switzerland. This appointment follows the return of large carnivores in the country. Subsequent to the presence of these animals, sheep and herds of goats and, in rare cases, suckler cows and newborn calves must be protected.

The mandate of AGRIDEA twofold:

This entity coordinates the implementation of all herd protection measures in Switzerland. It works closely with the FOEN, the KORA (ecology of carnivores and wildlife management) and various regional specialists. In addi-tion, it directs the mobile intervention group to operate in the event of an attack by a large predator in a new area. Budget management for prevention of the Confederation is also in the hands of AGRIDEA.

The association "Dog protection Swiss herds" (CPT-CH) is responsible for all aspects related to the protection of herds with dogs. As part of its mandate of Confederation, CPT-CH coordinates the breeding, training and use of dogs to protect flocks in accordance with the legal bases. Minimizing the risk of conflicts between the herd pro-tection dogs and walkers is at the center of its concerns.

Minimizing the risk of conflict is not only optimal breeding and training of dogs, but also awareness and infor-mation on the topic of protection dogs to the public.