Reorientation AGRIDEA

With the reorientation of AGRIDEA "AGRIDEA 2020“ will be more closely linked to the cantons. This will result in an amendment to the Association’statutes and a new performance agreement with the Conference of Cantonal Agricultural Directors.
In the operational area, the focus will be on the performance mandate by the Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG and in Switzerland.
This strategic reorientation led, among other things, to AGRIDEA stopping the activities from its "international cooperation" team. The exclusive international activities will thus be discontinued.

In this area, AGRIDEA is now working in a strategic partnership with School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL). For further information see below.
AGRIDEA will remain internationally active on a selective basis where synergies with the core business arise, e.g. further training courses, moderation, value creation, agricultural production, regional development, consulting systems, networks, etc..

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