International Cooperation

AGRIDEA is an important player in the Swiss agricultural knowledge system. Its international team was established in 1984, originally as response to the need to gather, analyse, synthesize and make available in Switzerland the experiences gained with rural extension in development cooperation. Nowadays AGRIDEA constitutes a competence centre for rural and agricultural development in international contexts, combining thematic, methodological and processoriented competences.
The projects and mandates are handled by a multidisciplinary group of experts in AGRIDEA with a wide range of technical knowledge and experience. This enables AGRIDEA to handle a diversity of mandates, result-oriented and responding to the demand of the clients. The table below shows some selected examples.

Contact persons

Opens window for sending emailAngela Deppeler and Opens window for sending emailThierry Pleines

Our services

The experience and the complementary competences of our staff enables us to deliver diverse services, combining methodological and thematic expertise:

  • Programme planning, evaluation and capitalization – facilitation, thematic expertise, system analysis, project inception.
  • Backstopping, coaching and advice – technical and methodological; for projects, organizations, teams and individuals.
  • Facilitation of processes and events – face to face, online; also large groups.
  • Training – skills development by active involvement of participants.

Our main thematic competencies include: Rural advisory services, Value chain development, Sustainable agriculture, Food systems


Project nameShort description
Facilitation-Workshop for SDC in Benin, Mozambique, Georgia, Mongolia, etc.

Based on a long time experience in facilitation training held in numerous countries and cultural settings, AGRIDEA offered a tailor made programme for the Office of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). After attending the training, the participants are able to organise and facilitate meetings and events in an effective and efficient way, so that meeting participants feel invited to participate in debates and decision making processes.

Contact persons: Opens window for sending emailNiels Rump and Opens window for sending emailOlivia Hartmann

Strategic planning workshop for SDC in Benin, 2016

Leading a multidisciplinary team with different stakeholders to a commonly accepted plan for program implementation is the founding for successful implementation. This tailor-made workshop in Cotonou for SDC was based on the long-standing experience of AGRIDEA in facilitation of result-oriented, participative workshops or face-to-face meetings.

Contact person: Opens window for sending emailAngela Deppeler

Backstopping for the Postharvest Management Project in Sub-Saharan Africa (PHM-SSA), phases 2013-2020

The project aims to improve food security of smallholder farmers through reduction of postharvest losses of food crops (grains and pulses). The project addresses major constraining factors of technology dissemination and adoption, knowledge and information sharing, rural advisory services and policies related to postharvest management.
AGRIDEA plays a backstopping function to the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS), in partnership with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.

Contact person: Opens window for sending emailAngela Deppeler

For more details: PHM-SSA

Hosting of the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS), phase 2016-2020

GFRAS is the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services. Its mission is to provide advocacy and leadership on pluralistic, demand-driven rural and agricultural advisory services (RAS) within the global development agenda. Its vision is to see rural advisory services effectively contributing to the sustainable reduction of hunger and poverty. GFRAS is hosted by AGRIDEA in Lausanne.

Contact person: Opens window for sending emailKarim Hussein

For more details: GFRAS

CECRA Training, Galicia, Spain 2016 & 2017

CECRA is the Certificate for European Consultants in Rural Areas. It is based on the standards for a qualification and competence development program for consultants in rural areas compiled under the umbrella of the International Academy of Rural Advisors IALB.

Contact person: Opens window for sending emailPeter Bucher

Evaluation of the project “Linking Nature Protection and sustainable rural development” in Bulgaria, 2017

The purpose of the external and internal review was to assess the achievements of the project “Linking Nature Protection and sustainable rural development”. It assessed the initially set objectives and how well the approach of combining nature protection and economic activities worked. The review was based on principles of Outcome Mapping and was oriented to the intended users - project partners and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Contact person: Opens window for sending emailAngela Deppeler

Field visits in Switzerland: innovation and advisory services for rural development

AGRIDEA has strong links to the different actors and stakeholders of the Swiss agricultural sector. It enables AGRIDEA to organize regularly tailor-made field visits to the main issues related to innovation and services in food, agriculture and rural development in Switzerland.

Contact person: Opens window for sending emailAngela Deppeler

Development of Geographical Indications in several countries

AGRIDEA is a leader in the topic of Geographical Indications (GI) and Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). For instance AGRIDEA implemented a project which aimed at improving the knowledge and the experiences in carrying out the Geographical Indications protection system in Romania. In cooperation with public and private actors, registration procedures and certification processes were developed and marketing strategies enhanced.

Contact person: Opens window for sending emailMagali Estève

Training offer

Our training events are effective and fun – due to their focus on skills development, their interactive nature and due to the fact that we build on existing knowledge and experience of the participants. We offer standard packages in the areas of facilitation, project cycle management (PCM), participative methods and CECRA-trainings, wherever you may wish. We also develop training workshops that are tailor-made to the clients’ needs.

Contact persons: Opens window for sending emailNiels Rump and Opens window for sending emailAngela Deppeler


Our main clients are public agencies (national, regional or local level), development programs, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, agricultural advisers, teachers and researchers, producer organizations, environmental organizations, policy makers, private agribusiness companies, farmers and other rural entrepreneurs, etc.

Countries of experience

We have long- and short-term working experience in a broad range of countries around the world. The list below is not exhaustive. Contact us for experiences in your country. 

  • Europe: Serbia, Latvia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland.
  • Asia: Laos, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Georgia.
  • Africa: Burkina Faso, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, DR Congo, Benin, Ghana, Togo.
  • Latin America: Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala, Haiti.



Our offer in facilitation and training (exists only in German)


See AGRIDEA’s own publications, useful handbooks, etc.