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Geographical Indications abroad


In the framework of a project financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), as part of the Swiss-Romanian cooperation programme, AGRIDEA has led the project Development of Geographical Indications in Romania.
AGRIDEA supported the Romanian NGO ADEPT and the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture for the development of PDO in Romania. This was done through the dissemination of the PDO concept, the strengthening of the services provided by the Ministry and its agencies in the regions and training for stakeholders in the sectors.


This project ran from 2013 to 2016. AGRIDEA makes its skills available for other projects of this type.


The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has coordination offices in certain so-called priority countries. Depending on the project, these offices work locally with non-governmental organizations, the government or other partners. These activities focus on specific themes and are subject to periodic planning, monitoring and evaluation. For these purposes, facilitation skills are needed among SDC staff and its partners’ organizations. AGRIDEA was mandated to deploy once again its highly appreciated training in facilitation in Cotonou (Benin). This training prepares participants to lead groups in the pursuit of their objectives, for example in workshops or in leading teams on a daily basis. The understanding of the moderator's role, as delivered in the course, is essentially based on a fundamental distinction between two aspects of the meeting: process and content. A transparent separation of these two aspects makes it possible - regardless of the circumstances - to achieve greater efficiency and greater satisfaction among the participants. The wide variety of areas of expertise of the individual participants in such a training course requires the trainers to deal with different and new aspects of moderation, which further contributes to the expansion of their own areas of expertise.

Person in charge

Magali Estève