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Our thematic areas

National level

AGRIDEA works for efficient and sustainable agriculture as well as for dynamic rural areas. It also contributes to the production of quality food and the creation of a living space of high value.AGRIDEA’s scope of activity is very broad, the rate of variation is very high, and a high degree of specialisation is essential.

To take up these challenges, the staff members need to acquire the necessary skills and are con-scious of their responsibilities. AGRIDEA, for its part, must provide them with an appropriate structure and an optimum organisation.

For this reason, AGRIDEA has defined thematic domains, as well as responsible persons and a strategy for each one of them. These thematic domains also include the management of knowledge (developing, sharing and acquiring knowledge). AGRIDEA is thus in a position to cover the numerous domains while remaining competent.

The objective: AGRIDEA represents the state of the art in the most relevant thematic domains. It aims for the top and looks resolutely to the future.

For more information about our activities and our thematic areas please visit our website in French or German.

We use some of our main competences in favor of international agriculture.


International level

Since 2020, AGRIDEA stopped some of her international activities but stays active, particulary on the European level. AGRIDEA remains active on a selective basis where synergies with the core business arise, e.g. further training courses, moderation, value creation, agricultural production, regional development, consulting systems, networks, etc..

Less involved in evaluation and implementation, we continue to share our high experience and knowledge acquired through a strategic partnership with School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL).

In a strategic partnership with HAFL, we offer services in a wide range of thematic and methodological fields :

Contact: Sebastian Mengel